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Check out this Interview with Author S.L.Wallace’s character Aimee from the novel Canvas Skies

Today, I have the pleasure of an interview with Amiee, who is a character in Author S.L. Wallace's series of novels.   

Hi, Amiee.  It’s so nice to meet you.  Can you please tell our readers a little about yourself?

A:  Hello! I'm Aimee LaFleur, and I've recently moved to Tkaron to open an art studio, Art Fantastique. I do hope you'll stop in. I trained in Mediterra at the world famous Art Institute of Parisio, and I had a wonderful mentor, Danielle Bellami. She was amazing, helped me through so much. She and my um...friend, Scott Maddock. Scott,, I can't do this. My real name is April Maddock. I fled from Terene a year ago after a violent attack at the hands of my employer. I lived there for one year, and now I'm ready to come back home to live hidden in plain site with my roommate Kendra James who is actually my sister, Keira.
I lived in Mediterra for one year...

Q: Wait... so basically, you're on the run? What prompted you to run...and what difficulties did you find along the way?

A:  My recurring nightmare may give you some idea as to why I ran. Here's what happens in my dreams almost every night, even after I got away.

     I sit up, startled into sudden awareness as my blankets tumble to my waist.  I reach out, feeling for the chain.  A soft light sets the pink lampshade aglow, illuminating my room.  Swinging my legs over the side of the bed, I wait and listen.
     What could he possibly want at this time of night?  Footsteps pound on the stairs above me.  No!  I glance toward the door and catch my reflection in the full length mirror.  My uniform?  When did I get dressed?
     Bang!  The bedroom door slam against the wall, and there he is.  Lance Beckett’s sillouette fills my doorway, black leather belt in hand.  As he turns to close and lock the door, I see it - the handle of a steak knife sticking out of his back.
     His focus returns to me, and he strides forward.  A red, flower petal formation blossoms on his white business shirt.  I push back, skimming across the sheets.  Metal bars from the headboard press painfully against my spine.  I can retreat no further.
     My breath is knocked from me suddenly as I feel a sharp kick in my stomach.  What?  I look down at my bulging belly in shock and realize it’s true.  I’m carrying his child.
     I raise my head and peer into his cold grey eyes.
     A scream in the distance pierced the night.  From nearby I heard a familiar voice call. 
     April!  April, wake up!”
     And that’s the dream.
Q:  That sounds horrific.
A: Yes.

Q:  Sorry you’re having to deal with that every night. 
A: Thanks

Q:  So, Aimee, other than what seems like a very traumatizing event in those dreams, was there a specific incident that you've had to deal with while on the run that you could share with us? Perhaps something we would find out about no other way?

A:  No, there really isn't any one incident. You see, living in Mediterra was, in a word, amazing. I had no idea that life could be like that. The people I met were friendly, helpful, supportive, and I do mean everyone: the other students at the Art Institute, my family and their friends, even the President of Parisio. If I could have stayed there forever, I would have but that would have gone against the agreement between the Resistance movement back home and the President. Refugees like me are allowed to come into the realm in order to get back on their feet, so to speak, but we're to put no undue strain upon the people of Mediterra. I've learned so much, and now it's time for me to return so that I can help others.

Q:  Wow, governments that work together, who would have thought? Okay so you've gotten back on your feet and now you get to return home. You must be elated to be going back. So what was it like growing up there?

A:  Oh no! I didn't say that. The Resistance movement has formed an alliance with the Gov of Mediterra. The Gov of Terene would have us all tried as traitors.  I'm really nervous about going back. I only hope no one recognizes me. I'll be returning as a high ranking Mediterran citizen, living and working abroad. That's my cover story anyway.  Growing up in Terene was awful. Well, I guess it was good until my parents died. I was really young when that happened though. Pretty much all I can remember is being raised by Aunt Cady, and she didn't want us, my brother, sister and me. When we reached the Age of Eligibility, that's when you turn 16 and are encouraged to join the military, she kicked us out. First, Scott. Then, Keira. And then me.

Q:  Wow, that's harsh. Not cool at all.  Okay, so what about life's little luxuries... what things are most important to you in life?  What things do you treasure?

A:  Art, especially paintings. I find them to be the windows to one's soul. I also treasure my family. In Terene, they're about the only people I know I can trust.  And I used to like going for walks in the park. But all that has the parks aren't safe?

Q:  Nowhere is safe, not for anyone in this cutthroat place.  So what about romance... love. In an environment that seems full of violence and worry, is there still chance for romance? Dating? Marriage?

A:  Of course! Keira and Guy found each other, didn't they? I only wish I'd met him first. And my parents, they found each other too. And just look at Scott and Danielle! It seems like everyone close to me is lucky in love. I hope I'll be as lucky one day.

Q:  Well, I'm sure you will. So are you a fighter? I mean do you fight, hands on battles to protect yourself? If so what is your choice of weapons?

A:  Oh no! Not me. Scott's the soldier, and Keira is the vigilante. I just want everyone to get along.
so with a tender heart like yours, I hope you stay safe and are able to find what you seek, Aimee.

Q:  Is there anything you'd like to tell our readers before we say goodbye here today? Anything you'd like to warn us about, or life advice?

A:  If you keep searching for the good in people, you will find it...most of the time.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions, Aimee, so our readers can get to know you better.  

Author Bio-

S.L. Wallace is a teacher and life long writer who is a descendant of the famous William Wallace. Like him, she believes in freedom and independence. Unlike him, she fights her battles with the pen, most recently taking a political stand against recent changes in government at both local and state levels. 

Here are a few reviews on Author S.L. Wallace's second book of the series, Canvas Skies.  

"Canvas Skies is another page turner with plenty of intrigue and mystery. It's hard to know who to trust when it comes to the men in April's life. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys reading about dystopian worlds and mystery/romance novels." ~Lorena Wood

 "The second book was just as great as the first one! I love that Wallace is able to mix up which character we are following without it being confusing. I love the twists and turns and we are just as unsure who to trust as the characters in the book are. I am definitely putting book #3 on my list of things to read!" ~Leah
"Wow and I thought I enjoyed Book One Price of a Bounty, but S.L. Wallace outdid herself in book two." ~Amy

Where to find the books-

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Video Trailer- 

Where to find S.L. Wallace-

Twitter: @authorSLWallace

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