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Character Interview with Kenter Pache from Tolomay’s World

I'm here today interviewing Michael Lorde’s Character, Kenter Pache,  from Tolomay’s World.

Q:  Thank you Kenter for being here for this interview. 
A:  Sure.

Q:  So during most of Tolomay’s World series, you’re actually living in the future of our Earth, is that right?
A:  Everything from this moment on is the future, but actually me and Leth were living at the pods at the beginning of the writings.  We were slotted to swim just days afterwards.  I was the first... the first male to go through the Pool of Light.  I was first after Tolomay’s team swam.  Then, yes, after that we swam into the purity of the clean world.

Q:  So what is it like in the future?  
A:  Which future time do you mean?  At the pods, or in the clean world?

Q:  Sorry, yeah, well, both.
A:  The pods are easy living, but the fear’s always there.  You know, because of the end. 

Q:  You mean the end of mankind?
A: Yes.

Q:  Sorry, okay, so what were the pods like?  I imagine everything was in ruins that close to the end.
A.  Not at at all.  Not at the pods.  There were the two flare incidents, but otherwise it was still safe, sterile, climate controlled.  Everything’s controlled there.  It’s all very modern.  We were surrounded by technology.  But technology cannot save the Earth.  Nothing but the Earth can do that.  In comparison, in the future clean world there’s nothing but life.  But life is most important, as you know, as all know this about life... its importance.  For it is what all strive for, to live well as a community, to survive as mankind, for peace of life.

Q:  In your community that’s what you were all taught from birth, living well, treating others in the community with respect, is that right?
A:  Yes.

Q:  Okay, so life in the future of Earth, which is called the Clean World... is it technical there, too?
A:  There is no technology in the clean world.  
Q:  None?
A: None.  The clean world is where it all began again, mankind, at the heart of nature in its purest form.  We will do things right there.  We will not destroy that which feeds and shelters us.
Q: That's a very good plan.  So, if we can be honest, how did you feel about the swim?  You must have been anxious having only Lethia with you when you went through. 
A:  No.  I was not.  I waited my whole life to swim, dreamed about it from when I was a young male.  I mean, I have friends back there, and the community, yes, that part was the worst, but I have no regrets for it.  It was the greatest honor and I never wanted to stay at the pods.  I really needed to be the first, then.  That feeling was close to all consuming.  And I knew I would find that heat I dreamed of in the clean world.  It’s there....and the air...the plants, the’s indescribable.  The water tastes of life itself.

Q:  What were the air and water like at the pods?  How was it different than in the clean world?
A:  You're a jokester, right?
Q:  No, I'm serious.
A:  You’ve obviously never drank mulicycled water.  
Q:  No.
A:  Not the charcoal kind, but the sandsteel version?
Q:  Neither. We don't have that yet.
A:  It shows.  If you had drank either, you would not have asked the question.  Those two waters, the ones in the pods and the ones in the clean world, are as different as honey is to mud.  The consistency might be the same, but no, they’re nothing alike.  And at the pods, the air was recycled too, so, how do I describe this, it’s like it had no life to it.  Like no ‘body of air’ existed at the pods even thought we breathed freely.  We did not notice because we did not know any different.  It was normal for us then.  But, after arriving in the clean world life was screaming from all around us, in the air, the plant life, the water, even the rain.  It felt like you couldn’t take a single breathe without thinking about how awesome it was, like being in a dream state all the time, but it was overwhelming, like I was waiting to wake up so my senses could take a break from reality for a moment or two.  Still, I was grateful the ancients had not succeeded in killing off Earth, though they seemed forceful in their goal of it.   

Q:  So it sounds like adjusting to the new environment was stressful back then? 
A:  Between being overwhelmed by all that and all that constant chatterbox training that Tolomay was doing... well, and the testosterone jump, too.  It was a lot to take in.  Yes, there was heat behind my words at times, but then it was unavoidable.  It happens to the males who come through. 

Q:  So it all made you angry?  Is that what you’re saying?
A:  I had little control over my environment.  I was injured as you know, when I first came through, so yes I was angry, useless.  And then, well, not used to being bossed around by a know-it-all who always happens to be right about everything, and strong minded, strong hearted, stubborn... and beautiful.  That was much to try on.  But I was a kid, then, really.  I hadn’t sorted things yet, so yes, it was the best and worst times of my life.

Q:  Well how are things now?  Are you adjusted... with the anger, and the testosterone, I mean?
A:  Yes.  It settled long ago.  They really did not prepare us well for that.  I do not think they knew what would happen.  But, it only lasts a couple of mooncycles, three tops and that was over a year ago.  A lot has happened since. 

Q:  So a month is called a mooncycle.  I see.  Alright, well, I’d like to ask one more question before I let you get back to what you were doing.  Actually that’s what I want to ask.  What were you doing before I brought you here for this interview?
A:  I’m marking out plans in the dirt with Lethia for a gowa.  We really should begin work soon.  We need to finish before even more happens.
Okay, well, thank you, Kenter, for taking the time to be  here.  You know you are the first character interview I’ve done from those in Tolomay’s World.  I guess that makes you first, eh?

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Excerpt from Tolomay's World Books- first three of a seven novel set

‘Tolomay’s World and the Pool of Light’
“Peace of life,” said the chideman as he poured the blue water from the glass urn into the pool.  It was surreal.
“Peace of life.” My response was automatic.
My heart pounded.  For thirteen years I’d trained for this.  Still I was not ready.  The machine’s copper pipes gave off a warm smell that drifted to my nostrils as if precious biscuits were baking in the eating room.  The calming scent only made it worse.  I was leaving.
On display before every citizen in the community, my bare feet stepped the few inches further to the edge of the pool.  Fear haunted my mind.  Shivering from head to toe caused my short golden dress to tickle at the tops of my thighs.  I brushed away the itch.  Goose bumps peppered my arms and legs.  I was freezing.  For a moment, the massive musics and sounds on the stage overwhelmed me.  I was small in comparison to everything here, all present and to this wondrous event.  Through dazed thoughts, my focus returned and I remembered to count to three before placing my foot in the shallow liquid.
With eyes watering, my every heartbeat echoed in my ears.  Never again would my father’s eyes look upon me.  Never again would I feel his warm embrace.  I would so miss his gentle, loving voice.  How would I bear it?  I fought my great desire to turn and dart to him, or steal a look as he sat in his chair upon the stage.  Instead, I kept my step.
There would not be another last goodbye.  We already said it, and he wanted just the one.  It would be my greatest honor to him to leave with the dignity, respect, and position he bestowed upon me, to act older than my meager thirteen years.  I had to be brave and pave the way for the others, as he had instructed.
The tears nearly choked me as I quietly sniffed them back.  I could scarcely see, but chose not to rub the wet away.  Everyone would notice.  More would only follow and my eyes would be closed soon enough.  The time had arrived.  This was no longer wholly my choice.  I was being led by my duty and so had to control my emotions for these last few seconds.
The immaculate stage held static, causing the miniscule hairs on my head to stand on end.  They reached toward the beautiful colored glass of the cathedral roof in the pod community’s grandest room, as if they too wanted to stay.  The urge to run, to escape, consumed me, yet I betrayed my heart, followed my learned directions, and kept my course.
No matter the logic and knowledge in my head, nothing had prepared me for this feeling of claws tearing me apart from the inside out.  I fought off the nausea.  I could not be ill, not in front of the community while representing my father.
The crystal and copper Pool of Light lay before the five of us, with solar panels running from floor to ceiling as the toner’s chorus continued to sing behind us.  The brilliant round majesty beneath my feet, only six inches deep, held the key to our futures and to what would become the whole of humanity.  We were taking these steps for everyone.  Once we left, we could never return home.
Tarron had ordered that we space ourselves just two paces separated, one behind the next.  The four older candidates followed behind me, the taste of anticipation mingling with the hum of energy that filled the great room.  My mind whirled.
‘Keep walking forward… do not turn around,’ father’s words echoed in my head.
I was horrified.  Chills took residence up and down my spine, causing me to shake further.  How would my days unfold without him by my side?  How could I leave him alone?  My heart was dying.
‘The coming light can blind, if you lose protection of your eyelids,’ he had warned.
Think only of your training and the swim, I reprimanded myself against my inert weakness. Focus.  You are leading the others.
I squeezed my eyes closed.
“Your eyes… don’t forget,” I choked out the words, reminding the four following me to keep theirs closed as well.
The desire to see where my feet landed was nearly more than I could endure as I took my next step.  Blindly, trembling as I’d never thought possible, I walked on until a humming of energy engulfed me.  Then a wall of water, warm and flowing, caressed my face and arms and legs until I was drenched in it.  It unnerved me.  I imagined my skin would feel this way if covered with a million tiny insects. That vision sent more shivers.  I rubbed away the feeling.  Fear controlled me.  I was holding my breath. ‘Do not forget to breathe, Tolomay,’ I remembered father’s training. ‘Or you may lose consciousness.’
Barely able to manage my thoughts, I took back my air and continued forward.
A light penetrated the liquid as if they were one and the same.  Much too bright, even with eyes closed, it rained down upon my body as if it were the sun and had no limits.  The burning lasted only a moment and rid me of my chills.  Then I was struck hard in the back by a force that seemed more as power than matter.  It propelled me through the air so fast I almost opened my eyes, but instead fell into a somersault, ending in a stand as I had been trained.
The grasses felt soft beneath my bare feet.  The air smelled completely different...

Tolomay’s World and The Mountain of Tegi
Kenter stared at the deflated Juper.  He was thinking on it since they left the well.  Still, no answer.  He racked his brain for what memories might help, but only information for the use of a Juper was shared with candidates.  No training told them how to activate one. 
How would the science team have done it?  It would have taken a strong natural energy to fill it.  What would they have used... the sun perhaps? 
He held it open in his hand to allow full sunlight to enter, twisting and turning it to allow light to all sides, but it did not change in the least.  Then he recognized the mistake in that choice.  There were no windows at the pod community.  The elders could not have used the sun, not with active solar flares. 
It was biological energy, for certainty; else their juper from the pod would not have passed through.  What would fill it?  Did they convert solar energy by use of old solar panels?  If so, he could not replicate the process.  Did they capture electricity from a lightening rod?  That would be impossible for him as well.
The thought came from nowhere and he stopped his feet before they neared their hill.  Urging his sister to the bank of the stream, he dropped the Juper into the water. 
The ground shook and the section of stream rose several feet into the air, in the form of a whirlpool.  At its center lay the dark device.  The energy of the water brought it to life until it grew to the size of an activated Juper. 
When the water subsided the Juper sunk to the bottom of the stream.  Kenter waded in and retrieved it.  It was full and lighter in color, but not by much.  His heart sank at his sister’s next words.  
“Why is it still red?”
He examined it further.  It looked perfectly alive, but Lethia was correct.  It should be clear.  He rubbed his wet fingers over his brow.
“I thought it they are translucent and only change color to glow at night, and only to green,” she continued.  “That’s what Mize taught you, right?  Clear as the other one...and green at night?  This one looks angry.”
“I know, Leth,” he answered, even more frustrated at her words.  
He never heard of a blood red Juper.  He must have filled it wrong.  His hands gripped it tightly to see if the energy would release itself back to the water.  It didn’t.  It already settled.  Had he ruined a precious Juper left to him to help the clean world?
“Maybe its age has changed it.  Or the radiation ruined its function,” he said.  “I have destroyed it.”
“No, Kenter.  You will find a means to fix it.  If anyone can figure it correctly, you can,” said Lethia.  “I believe that.  Those who left it would have known.”
She set her arm around his shoulder and the two started their last steps to home, the seemingly useless Juper clasped tightly in his hand.

Tolomay’s World- The Splitting of The Trunk

I dreamed in memories, Tarron’s dark knowing eyes pondering my thoughts as I sat, hands folded, in the room adjacent to the chamber hall.  Through the walls, solar panels could be heard being positioned, the Pool of Light ready and awaiting its great gift to us all. 
Trembling, I listened to the crowd gathering in the background, trying to logic my father’s words.  The distraction of our final lesson did not help.  My heart was frantic, the chills in my toes nipping and biting like tiny metal teeth inside my feet.  Still, I tried to busy my mind.
“Intellect?” I answered, mind dazed.
“Do you believe intellect to be the answer?” he replied.
I was obviously wrong, and very ashamed.  In my last lesson, I should excel with insight, but I’d lost focus.  Where was my focus?  I could think only to today’s impending swim. 
“Duty?” I tried at it again. 
Tarron’s bottom lip straightened slightly.  I had missed the mark, once again incorrect, but rightfully so.  Nervousness can muddle the mind.
“Shall I repeat the question?”
I nodded, watching my fingers shaking like a storm pulling at autumn leaves, my heart flooded in sadness.
“Think deeper, my child.  You must feel the answer you seek, not reply with what you believe I desire to hear.  What divides us?  What makes us the individuals we each are, stronger or weaker, giving or selfish, respected by others or disregarded, standing apart from the next citizen in a way that all recognize?  What one thing about each of us is mighty enough to do all these things?”
I immediately thought of my skin and hair, those differences separated me from everyone here, but I knew those were not the words he desired.   I did not understand his question.  Pod mindset was directed toward the good of all, always for what was best for each citizen, but more so as part of the whole community.  He had never spoken words such as this in this manner, words of division, of individuality.  His eyes bore seriousness into me.  This was important to him, that I learn this lesson.  I wrestled for an answer, concentrated with all my might.
As always, he was patient, breathing quietly as I reasoned out my response.  It came suddenly, like a storm, as I raised my eyes to meet his.  This was right.  I knew it.  I’d logicked it out in my brief moment of focus.
“Choices,” I replied.
Tarron smiled and my heart pounded with joy.
“Yes, Tolomay.  Choices are what rule all of humanity, each one sifting to and through, stroking those around us without us knowing quite how.  And you were partially correct in your other answers.  One’s intellect and duty play a part in who one is, as does life’s experience, but it is always our choices that define who we really are, and lead us toward who we will become. 
“Remember this, though, I speak not of the mouth, or mind, but choices of action.  For thoughts and words can rarely change a thing.  Ideas must be played out, like a note to a song on the page.  For it does little to think of a note, and not draw it into the great symphony of life, doesn’t it?   Some fail to choose because of fear of the unknown.  Some fear weakness, or that they will make wrong decisions.  Heartfelt choices are the most precious of things.  They are powerful gifts, ones to treasure.  So do not be afraid.  Your spirit and heart will lead.”
I sat for a moment realizing that today was no longer my choice.
Tarron’s eyes set themselves upon mine as I continued.
“I do not want to leave you.  I am afraid.”
Without faltering, his gentle answer came as he touched my shoulder with a guiding hand.
“Child of my heart, I do not wish to see the pain in your eyes regarding this.  We must all grow, each of us able to hold our own weight, or humanity is indeed doomed.  You are ready.  You are more than ready for this.  Do not doubt yourself.”
It was not doubt that haunted me.  I loved my father.  I needed him.  The tear ran its course down my cheek.
“There will be no reason for your eyes to visit me upon the stage, Tolomay.  We will say our goodbyes, here in this room, and only this once.”
His reply startled me, horrified me to my core as I stared back at him with desperate eyes.  He would desert me at the end?  I was not to look upon his face once I left this room? 
“It is my desire,” he insisted, his voice barely wavering.  “And will be easiest for all involved.”
I cried into his chest, his strong arms carrying the burden of my weight as he knelt before me.
“Hush your pain, now.  Leaders need dry eyes.  Oh child, what wonders your beautiful eyes will view on the other side.”
I settled my heart as best I could.  After many moments, Tarron rose to step to where a box lay on the floor near the door, a single sprig of rosemary adorning its flat square top.  He handed it to me.  I smelled the glorious herb, rubbing the scent upon my cheek to keep me strong, then gave the precious stalk to my father.     
In spite of my grief, my heart leapt when I pulled opened the lid.  The garment was born of my own precious DNA, the golden dress, made of my hair, that which he had saved throughout my life to weave into this very fabric.  Tarron wiped my tears that couldn’t help themselves as they streamed down my cheeks, even as he helped me slip the garb on.
“Yes,” he continued his teachings while he tied my waist string.  “We all make choices, some more difficult than others.  Still, we can choose them each, one at a time.  Even difficult choices must be made, my wonderful child of spirit and light. 
So do not avoid them.  Do not overlook them.  They are great gifts, indeed.”

Some Reviews-
A beautiful world

"Tolomay's World and the Pool of Light" by M.E. Lorde is a wonderful book where futuristic and apocalyptic scifi meets romantic love for nature and simple life.
Using a new and dangerous travel device 13 year old Tolomay is sent from a dying world to a clean and pure future to lead human kind to a new fresh start.
Not overloading us with the dying world the author focuses on our heroine who finds herself alone for several years in the unspoilt but isolated future.
Beautifully told with a eye for detail and charm (I just loved the bears that Tolomay encounters) and some romance when she eventually is joined by others this book is a pleasant and welcome addition to the genre. I loved that the new invention and its implications are one integral part of the story but are not the sole centre of the story, making this book more than a one-trick pony. I was also amazed at how the focus on one 13 year old girl in the wilderness could hold my attention so easily.
This is a very promising start to the series.

Swim into a New World

Tolomay's World and the Pool of Light captured my attention quickly, held it though out the entire book, and left me wanting more by the end. It did what all great futuristic adventure books should do... it took me to another time and place, letting my imagination escape into another reality with surprises around every turn. The author created two worlds, one dying and the other beginning. It is up to Tolomay, the only survivor of the Originals to help those that swim into this future Earth to survive. Mix in a dash of romance between Tolomay and Kenter when he and his sister, Lethia swim to this new world and you have a terrific start for a new series. These teens find themselves no longer under the thumb of the strict Senate Council in this new world, but try to cling to their traditions and what they were taught since toddlers. It is their responsibility to build this new community to preserve humanity. Tolomay carries an added responsibility, but I'll not spoil it for you by saying what it is.
This book is for mature YA/New Adult, but I would say it is worth the read for anyone who enjoys reading adventure, futuristic, romance, or time travel books. There are no cursing or sex scenes. What I enjoyed most about this book is the way the author created the worlds without going into a monologue description of each. He artfully wove in just enough detail to start your imagination and let you complete the picture flawlessly in your own mind. The only warning for this book is you may not be able to put it down once you start reading it!

Child of Spirit and Light

Tolomay's World and the Pool of Light by M.E. Lorde is an apocalyptic/futuristic book with a touch of romance and an intriguing story-line. The authors words mesmerized me and every time I had a spare minute I couldn't wait to get back to reading and back to a world that is unique, crisp and clean and full of mysteries to be explored.

The words flow off the pages and I could picture this descriptive world very well. Not overly done the author takes cares and leads the reader on a journey into a new pure future.

Lethia & Kenter are twins and they travel to Tolomay's World "The Clean World" where Tolomay has been living alone since she was thirteen. She has her only companion Carmella, to keep her company until the new arrivals. She has learned to garden, hunt, sews and is a healer, but there are other secrets and mysteries to be unraveled in this world. She not only looks different with her hair of the sun and her sky blue eyes but she is a strong young lady. Can she keep peace in this settlement of mysterious discoveries when her new found romance is threatened by the arrival of even more new comers?

This is a wonderful book that I enjoyed reading very much and I was excited to find a sample for book 2 at the end, Tolomay's World and the Mountain of Tegi.

Contact M.E. Lorde:
twitter @MichaelLorde 
Publishers website:

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