Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Enduring Everything ~ My 5 STAR review

My FIVE STAR review of 
Enduring Everything
Author M. Sembera

I loved this romance novel.  The character development was perfectly satisfying, with realistic quirkiness that brought them all to life.  The drama which surrounded the characters was realistic too, as was the romance that was woven masterfully within the plot.   I was rooting for several different characters during the book ( I don’t do spoilers), and was very happy with the choices that they decided on when all was said and done.  This was a well written, well edited enjoyable read.  Highly recommend it!  This is a New Release, so pick it up while it's still at this special price!  



Monday, March 24, 2014

Introducing ~ Enduring Everything ~ GREAT new sexy/romantic read by Author M. SEMBERA

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Time doesn't always heal old wounds.
Often time makes them worse.
Especially when you push those wounds to the back of your mind and focus on the life you want to lead.
Then the day comes when you finally have everything.
It is then, you realize that nothing ever goes away.
In order to put years of heartache and abuse behind her, Ren learned to bury the past deep down inside herself and focus on one thing; raising her daughter Sophia. As the years passed, she found peace in the daily routine of her job and becomes content with being a mom. 

On the night of her daughter's wedding, Ren takes a risk and strays from the predictable world she has set up for herself when her longtime friend Jackson rekindles a loving promise he made to her long ago.

Ren cannot keep her past buried, and the two struggle when old problems start to creep back into their lives. She cannot get her world back in order and her instinct is to shut everyone out.  

In the midst of it all Ren is coerced into helping Charlotte, an adopted teenager of her close friends the Roberts'. Reluctantly agreeing, Ren finds Charlotte is in dire need of self control and direction. Upon discovering they share a similar upbringing Ren feels she can advise Charlotte and keep her from repeating her own mistakes. Taking steps to ensure Charlotte's recovery, her new found purpose causes a rift in the family she has come to know and love as her own.  

Battling issues, both new and old, will Ren & Jacks be able to endure everything life has thrown at them or will Ren give up everything and isolate herself from the inevitable pain that will follow when all her secrets are revealed? 



Hi Jackson.   

Hi, its nice to meet you.

 How’s it going?
It's going good. How about yourself?

Not too bad.  So, Jackson, can you tell me a little about yourself?
Sure, basketball and accounting are my two favorite things.
I volunteer at my friend Roberts' rec center teaching sports fundamentals. Basketball is a great way for the kids to connect with each other and learn to work together.
I have what most people would call a photographic memory. In my case, its actually called an eidetic memory because it’s not just things I see. There’s a bunch of big words that explain it but to be honest it’s not a big deal but it makes accounting effortless for me.  I was an accountant at my dad's firm, JPT Financial, up until he retired a few months ago and I took over. I'm still an accountant there, just have an office instead of a cubical, now. 

Who is Ren?
 She's my everything...
How did you two meet?
Through Roberts actually. Our junior year in high school, she started showing up at basketball games with him. She always sat by herself in the stands and then would stand outside the locker room waiting for him to come out. That's when I saw her for the first time, waiting on him. She was so damn cute standing there without makeup and her hair pulled up in a ponytail. 
I tried asking Roberts about her but all he ever said was that they were friends. 
One night after a game, I planned on introducing myself. I even had my number written down on a little piece of paper, ready to give to her. All week I had it planned out, to ask her if she liked watching me on the court and then offer showing her some of my special skills off the court. I didn't see her waiting for him, so I went to look for her. She was almost at the exit door when I ran up and bumped her. The second she looked up at me with those big grey eyes, I lost my nerve. I ended up trying to convince her that she dropped the paper, with my number on it and it was her's. Thinking back, I had no idea what I was getting into with her but when she smiled at me, she had me. 
What is the most annoying trait Ren has?
She has a habit of letting me in to a point and then shutting herself off to me. Like after all these years, there would be anything that would make me feel differently towards her. I understand why but its incredibly frustrating.
What about her greatest strength?
It has to be the way she loves. She would go to hell and back for someone she cares about.  
Your greatest weakness?
 Honest answer? Ren. She is the exception to every thought, ideal and goal I've had in life.
Your greatest strength?
Again, its her. Before I met Ren, I was all about easy and I never put much thought into anything. If it wasn't simple, it wasn't for me. Her life was so messed up for so long, I was forced to think about someone other than myself. She made me the man I am.   
Anything you want to add about you, Ren, family members,or anything else?
Just that, when you have family, blood or not, it doesn't matter what happens or what you go through with them, you have everything.

Tomorrow I will be posting my review of this book

So, check back!