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Check out this Great Character Interview with the wolf Sasha from Author Diane Rapp's newest novel The Alphas!

It’s my pleasure today to welcome the one and only, talented Diane Rapp, author of The Alpha’s, her newest book and prequel to the Heirs to the Throne Trilogy


Today’s interview will be a character interview with the female wolf, Sasha.


Thank you so much for being here today, Diane, and bringing Sasha with you.


Diane:  It’s our pleasure to meet with you.  As you can see, Sasha is a beautiful black wolf with golden eyes.  She’s the Alpha female leader of her pack.  Since Sasha uses mind-speak to communicate, I’ll help translate your questions and reply with her answers.



Sasha, how would you describe your upbringing?  Where did it take place, who raised you, and were you raised with siblings?  A pack?  Etc.


All wolves are raised in a pack and our pack’s territory is the mountains of a place you call Colorado.  The pack is a wonderful family unit, filled with brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles.  Each pack member fills a valuable function, guided by our pack leaders who share the wisdom of their Ancestor Minds.  This is the way we pass on knowledge through each generation.


I notice you use the word “we” when referring yourself.  Can you explain why?


When a wolf hosts the Ancestor Minds of a dying pack member, the living host is joined by many identities who lived in previous host bodies.  We become one entity, but there are many minds inside of us.  The living host controls the host body but listens to advice and history from the Ancestor Voices.  We take the name of the Ancestor Line and speak for everyone after we become a host.


Would you say you like, or dislike humans?


Both.  We like our human friends, Henry and Sandra, who help the pack, but the humans from Zebulon keep us prisoner.  They wish to use our abilities to benefit their company, so we don’t like them much.


What is it about humans that most surprises you?


We do not understand selfish humans who act cruel to weaker animals.  Wolves kill prey animals to feed the pack, but we do not play with them or make them suffer.  We usually pick prey that is weak and ready to die, so this helps the herd.  Natural balance is important for all animals.


What has been your most traumatic experience?


You will read in our story about the mountain lion who attacked us.  We thought we’d lost our mate’s Ancestor Minds and felt very frightened.  It is dangerous to hunt in the wild and we usually keep our designated host at our side to take our minds if needed.  The humans kept our hosts trapped in a pen and we were vulnerable.  Read the story and you will understand our fear.


What is your favorite place to be and why?


As a pack leader we feel happiest teaching the cubs in our den.  New life is precious and we enjoy feeling the spark of little minds learning to touch each other.  Teaching them the lessons from the Ancestors means the pack thrives in good times and in bad.


Do you feel that you easily trust?


Using mind-speak allows us to know the truth because it comes directly from the mind.  It is impossible to lie when we hear the very thoughts of an intelligent being.  For many years we wondered if humans could be intelligent because their thoughts were so jumbled.  When we finally made contact with Henry and Sandra, we found true and faithful friends.  We do not trust the humans who work for Zebulon, and you will understand why after you read our story.


Where does your devotion and focus lie most of the time?


The pack is most important.  As a pack leader, it is my duty to pass on the knowledge we get from our Ancestor Minds and to keep the pack safe.  These Zebulon humans are a great danger to the pack.


If you could change one thing about humans, what would it be?


We hope that humans can learn to respect all creatures, even those who might appear less intelligent.  Each creature fills a valuable role in the world.  Humans often cause damage in their arrogance and hurt the natural balance.


What is one strength that humankind possesses that you admire?


Humans make and use tools.  We marvel at the machines that they use and would like to learn that skill.  Once we learn a skill, wolves never lose that knowledge since the Ancestors help us keep wisdom through generations.


How do you feel about communication skills of humans?


Most humans are pitiful at speaking.  They use barking sounds and their bodies don’t show proper signs.  Of course their ears don’t move and they don’t have tails, so they have a disadvantage.  Human thoughts are often filled with nonsense.  If humans quietly listened and paid attention to nature, they might learn valuable lessons.


Is there anything else you’d like to add?

We hope your readers will enjoy our story.  The adventure continues in Diane Rapp’s novel HOWL OF THE WOLF, which is the first book in her HEIRS TO THE THRONE TRILOGY.  You will meet the wolves who help their humans friends survive on the planet Drako. 


Thank you Sasha and Diane for visiting with us today and sharing your experiences with us.


Who is Author Diane Rapp?
Check back later this week to find out more about this talented author and her other novels. 

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